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VIDEO | eric davis

Artist Eric Davis pastes a series of portraits of his Korean teacher in Seoul. A collaboration with Seoul Urban Art Project.

eric davis

VIDEO | SUP season final

The end of the first Seoul Urban Art Project season. A video showcasing various artwork from all artists involved.

SUP final

VIDEO | monsterhouse

Art collaboration 2013 "Happy Monsterhouse Times Square" with artist JunkHouse at Times Square in 영등포 (Youngdeungpo).


VIDEO | love x stereo

Lead vocals for LOVE X STEREO, Annie , talking about the Seoul indie music scene and their part in it.


VIDEO | used cassettes

Used Cassette band members, Danny Arens and Adam Hickey, talking about the Seoul indie music scene and their part in it.

used cassettes

VIDEO | the idea

A video collaboration with illustrator/artist Frenemy (Kristopher Kotcher) from USA, made for Seoul Urban Art Project.


PHOTO | melting pot

A few images from a trip to Malayisa, a very diverse and beautiful country. Amazing food and friendly people.


VIDEO | loose union teaser

A teaser video for a series of short web documentaries about Indie bands based in Seoul.


PHOTO | iphone travel

A few images taken with my iphone during my travels around beautiful Asia. Korea, Thailand, Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur